Why become a
QBig Invest partner?

QBIG Invest provides an overall solution, from delivering an exchange to executing and settling transactions. Rated market-leading customer satisfaction, offering low spread and excellent trading conditions, we've been working hard to give our clients more reasons to trade with us.

So, be confident and proud to be a broker of QBIG Invest. When you become an IB of the exchange, you will receive the company's extraordinary introducing broker (IB) policy and program. The policy and program allow organizations and individuals worldwide to receive the following benefits:

- Get paid attractive and flexible commissions and discounts for referring new customers to us.

- The rebate scheme will become more attractive based on the increasing trading volume of your clients. The higher the volume, the higher the rebate.

- Being provided with everything you need to grow your business system and build your partner network.

- Guaranteed support from Master IBS, the leading source of marketing resources.

- And many more benefits when you join.


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