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    (Gold, Silver, Oil)
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  • Forex trading, also referred to as currency trading or fx trading, is the act of buying a currency and selling another one at the same time thus making an exchange. Currency trading is always related to the exchange of one currency for another.

    With all the goals mentioned above (and maybe other goals), the forex trading market has the biggest liquidity and volatility in the financial markets, with $5 trillion traded each day.

  •       With global forex markets, commodity markets offer many investment opportunities to retail traders across the globe. Mineral commodities like gold, silver or oil have been traded for many centuries. The popularity of financial derivatives of these types of commodities among investors has made them an instrument for portfolio diversification and risk management.

          Investing in commodities that can be traded with a contract is a reliable method in reducing risks; even in periods of inflation or economic instability, these trades guarantee that both buyers and sellers avoid significant price changes, which may result in losses.

  • A stock index, or securities index, is an index that indicates the typical price of a basket of basic securities.

    Some major stock indexes (global stock indexes) are:

    1.S&P 500

    2. Dow Jones

    3. Euro Stoxx 50

  • Cryptocurrency CFD trading allows you to take advantage of trading the world's most exciting asset classes and Market Volatility by trading crypto CFDs without the need for an e-wallet or crypto exchange.

    One of the differences of CFD trading is the ability to use leverage. The potential benefit of leverage is that it allows traders to trade many times more of their chosen amount than buying at the right price.

    With CFD, you can have more flexibility in your trading, get the opportunity to get in and out quickly, use stop-loss orders and develop hedging strategies.


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